This is my Visual Effect and Motion Graphics reel. It includes various projects that I've had the privilege of working on over the past several years. For clients such as ASICS, TaylorMade Golf, SKLZ, Intel, CITRIX, and many more.

For this video, my role was to bring to life through video and motion graphics, a look and feel that existed through an existing stills campaign. I took these design elements and added movement, transitions and found a way to incorporate them into the stills as if they lived in the same environment.

For this video, using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesignm I designed the storyboards that brought to life the script of the video, which highlighted the features of the Citrix product NetScaler. The storyboards went through several rounds of revisions from the client and once was approved, I carried out the motion design and animation using After Effects.

For this video I was tasked with taking the existing still designs of this campaign, and bringing them to life through animation, along with selecting a music track, and editing it all together to create this final piece.

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